WheelSentry Frequently Asked Questions | What Our Customers Asked

WheelSentry Frequently Asked Questions

Whilst out on the road we get lots of questions about our Wheel Sentry product. We thought it would be handy for us to answer them in a simple format for everyone to understand.

If you do have any more questions about Wheel Sentry as a product or where you can purchase, please do email ross@wheelsentry.com.

What’s different about Wheel Sentry compared to other wheel nut indicators?

Wheel Sentry is a range of products that give operators a two-in-one visual indication of loose wheel nuts, whilst also restraining the nut at a safe torque level. This helps the drivers do a visual walk around check and helps to preserve the integrity of the studs and threads, avoiding fixing failure.

It is also the only product range to effectively cover 5 stud wheel configurations, commonly found on small plant and light commercial vehicles.  This enables fleet users to keep a consistent policy across their entire fleet.

What’s the cost of Wheel Sentry?

Wheel Sentry is competitively priced and ‘cheap to run’ due to the durability of the product which enables users to re-use many times over.

The exact cost all depends on the vehicles that you have. Give us a call on 01206 589557 or email order@wheelsentry.com to get an exact quote for your vehicles.

Are the indicators and bands available separately if they need replacing?

Should any component of the Wheel Sentry product range get damaged each component is individually replaceable, making it a very cost-effective system to run.

Do you deal directly or through a distributor?

Wheel Sentry can supply directly, or through a distributor depending on customer preference.

The Wheel Sentry product range is available from: Shop FTA, Paccar Parts, Devon Fleet Components, ATS Euromaster, Direct Tyre Management, Watling Tyres, Best Tyres, Tructyre, BT Fleet, Fleet Factors, Rema Tip Top and Dingbro,

We work closely with the main leasing companies including: Lex Autolease, Hitachi and Leaseplan.

It is also available from the main vehicle converters including: QI Vans, Bri-Stor, Clarks Vehicle Conversions, Bott, SB Components, Strongs Plastic Products and Tevo.

Lastly, many vehicle manufacturers also purchase Wheel Sentry on behalf of their customers and fit at PDI stage including: Guest Motors, Rygor, Cartwright, Evans Halshaw, Brian James Trailers, SHB Hire, Mertrux, Man Truck and Bus, Volvo Group, Robins & Day, Gefco and Fruehauf.


Who else uses the Wheel Sentry Wheel Nut Indicator and Retainer product?

We currently work with the UK’s largest fleets, including:

  • Royal Mail
  • SSE Plc
  • EDF Energy
  • East Midlands Ambulance Service
  • London Borough of Redbridge Council
  • Yorkshire Ambulance Service
  • Brett Aggregates
  • Vinci Plc
  • Selco BW
  • Brett Aggregates
  • P Flannery Plant Hire
  • East of England Ambulance
  • Brett Aggregates
  • Ferns Surfacing
  • EH Smith
  • Enfield Borough Council
  • Scottish Power
  • Network Rail
  • Viridor
  • Go Ahead London
  • United Utilities
  • Amey
  • Skanska
  • CCF

What is the band made of?

The band is a synthetic Viton band with elastic properties.

It can resist the influence of the sun, but there is no definitive time. It handles the atmosphere and UV and has excellent ozone resistance.  Viton is also resistant to salt/salt water.

Viton has good compression set and recovers quite well but in terms of stretching care needs to be taken, particularly on thin sections, because it can distort. A ring should not be stretched in the application by more than 6%, with 3% being about the norm in the application, as further stress can weaken the seal, reduce the cross section and cause leakage.

How long will the Viton band last?

There are so many variables it is difficult to give a definitive answer.

What vehicles does the system fit?

The system will fit any vehicle and any wheel configuration from 17mm wheel nuts to 41mm wheel nuts.

Wheel Sentry is currently fitted on small plant and towed equipment, car derived vans and light commercial vehicles and the full range of HGVs.

How easy is it to fit the Wheel Sentry system and how long does it take?

The Wheel Sentry range is one of the easiest wheel nut indicator systems to fit on the market and requires no tools to fit and remove.

As it is a simple push fit product, it only takes around 60 seconds to fit the indicator and band on a 10 stud wheel.

What is the melting point of the indicators?

There are two melting points within the product range, depending on the customer requirement.  The standard indicators have a melting point of 123°C, whilst we also produce a high temperature version with a melting point of 163°C.

How long has the product been available?

ATE launched Wheel Sentry at the CV Show in April 2014. Since then we have carved our niche in the huge wheel safety market.

What do VOSA think of it?

VOSA inspectors around the UK have encountered Wheel Sentry on numerous occasions whilst doing vehicle checks.  The feedback has been very positive and they have said that the product demonstrates that the operator is taking safety seriously.

It has also been reviewed by the VOSA Roadworthiness Enforcement Policy Team who are in favour of the product.