What Is Wheel Sentry Loose Wheel Nut Indicator

Wheel Sentry – What We Do

Our product has been developed by leading specialists in trailer parts and spares, ATE UK, in response to the increase of wheel loss and structural weaknesses in heavy and light goods vehicles, trailers and towed equipment caused by wheel nuts becoming loose, and wheels becoming detached.

In the UK alone, there are between 7,500 and 11,000 wheel-fixing defects that occur annually.

Of these figures, there are between 150 and 400 avoidable fatalities caused by wheel detachments.

Using 25 years of industry experience and 18 months of vigorous research and testing, the Wheel Sentry has innovated the wheel nut indicator. Our unique product provides you with a dual system of wheel nut security: the wheel nut indicator combined with a wheel nut retainer.

Why Use Wheel Sentry?

You have a legal responsibility for the maintenance of the vehicle to comply with strict regulations that protect the health and safety of employees and the public. Loose wheel nuts cause many accidents per year, yet Wheel Sentry can provide road users with the ability to see quickly and clearly any change or deformation in the Viton linking band when wheel nuts are stressed, which reduces the risk of incident.

The wheel nut indicator is hard-wearing and durable, and will withstand the demands of the road and heavy usage. It fits all known nut and stud configurations, up to 10 studs, and removes the risk of damage of fatigue and thread damage that more traditional wheel nut indicators are susceptible to. The wheel nut retainer gives you peace of mind that if your vehicle experiences loose wheel nuts, they will be kept in position at a lower torque, so that you maintain safety and control of the vehicle.

Viton has been selected for the linking band, as the material outperforms other synthetic fluoroelastomers in tests of strength, environmental resistance such as oxidation, UV and chemical exposure. Suitable for use in industrial, mining, agricultural and all other commercial and domestic situations. Using Viton gives you the confidence to trust that if there is a visible change in the band, you know there is an issue with the nuts.

What vehicles can use Wheel Sentry?

Any vehicle can use Wheel Sentry – heavy and light goods vehicles, trailers and any towed equipment; commercial and domestic vehicles will benefit from their use. Whether you are a fleet manager within an industry, or you transport horses at the weekends, our Wheel Sentry can provide you with peace of mind for your journey.

The Wheel Sentry alerts the driver to any requirement for nuts to be tightened, and can help avoid serious damage and accidents that are caused by loose wheel nuts. You are not restricted by the number of studs either, as they fit all known stud configurations. Metal fatigue is avoided as metal stretching is eliminated by the wheel nut retainer, so that safety is maintained.

What are the other benefits of Wheel Sentry?

Wheel Sentry provides a simple solution to an area that can have complex and far-reaching implications for both health and safety and the efficiency of the fleet. Here are some further benefits that our wheel nut indicator can give to you:

  • Reduce Risk The main benefit to using Wheel Sentry is the reduced risk of harm to employees, members of the public and other road users. You can have confidence that even if the nuts detach from the hub, they will be held in place by the wheel nut retainer.
  • Time The Wheel Sentry is quick to examine for changes to the wheel nuts that the pre-use walk time is dramatically reduced.
  • Fleet Efficiency A reduction in the time taken for a driver to inspect the vehicle, means that the truck turnaround time is shortened too.
  • Fleet Quality The Wheel Sentry helps identify any maintenance issues before they escalate into greater structural problems, which ensures that your vehicles remain on the road, and in greater health. By using our wheel nut indicator system, the downtime that your vehicles experience is significantly reduced.
  • Brand Reputation The wheel nut indicator’s visibility provides a very firm and clear message that your business is proactive and passionate about the safety and well being of the staff, the public and other road users. There is a correlation between a company’s perceived professionalism and how their vehicles’ roadworthiness.

Wheel Sentry is available in a wide range of nut and sizes and in all stud configurations for both heavy goods and light goods vehicles and trailers.To buy Wheel Sentry online visit our ATE trailer parts website www.ate-uk.com.


Read about how Wheel Sentry® is making a difference:

"After a spate of incidents involving our towed plant and trailers, we decided to try ATE Wheel Sentry. We have now rolled this out to all of our branches across the UK. I have found this product to be very well designed and high quality. The perfect cost effective solution to identifying loose wheels and overheating hubs, before there's a serious problem."

"We have used ATE for many years and they understand that as a hire business our main priority is the safety of our equipment, We are always looking for ways to improve this and the ATE Wheel Sentry is an innovative step up from the conventional wheel nut indicator.

It gives peace of mind to both ourselves and our customers, add this to its ease of use, competitive price and the back up from ATE themselves we can recommend this product with confidence."

"The Wheel Sentry set have been fitted and to be honest they were easier to fit than the standard yellow pointers we use."

Dave Pacey
Ashtead Plant Hire Company Ltd

UK Power Networks
Stan Robinson
EDF Energy