The shocking numbers of potentially dangerous commercial vehicles being driven on the UK’s roads 1

The police and DVSA have the power to carry out spot checks on lorries, buses and coaches and issue a prohibition if a fault or issue is found with the vehicle. A category 1 or 2 prohibition will prevent you from driving your vehicle until you get the problem with fixed. Serious prohibitions and repeat offences can also result in both the driver and the operator being issued with fixed penalties and potentially further prosecutions.

From the latest vehicle enforcement data for 2015 to 2016 we can see the volume of prohibitions issued against the number of vehicles inspected.

Mechanical Checks Prohibitions Issued Rate
Heavy goods vehicle 29,030 8,734 30.1%
Trailers 10,461 3,136 30.0%
Light goods vehicle 8,429 5,208 61.8%

Scarily over 60% of Light Goods Vehicle 30% of Heavy Goods Vehicles and Trailers failed a roadside check and were issued with a prohibition.

There are approximately 4 million Light Goods Vehicles and vans, 300,000 HGV’s and 215,000 trailers registered on UK roads. If these percentages are scaled across the active UK commercial vehicle population it would suggest that 2.72 million LGV’s, 100,000 HGV’s and 64,500 Trailers are using UK roads right now with a fault(s) that would result in a prohibition being issued by the police or DVSA.

If we look a little more closely at the data and the offences recorded 41% of HGV, 43% of Trailer and 44% of LGV prohibitions were for the more serious category 1 offences; an immediate prohibition including an immediate brake, steering; or tyre defect or a category 2 offence an immediate prohibition not falling within category 1.

This would suggest that 41,000 HGV, 27,735 Trailers and 1,196,800 LGV’s are driving on uk roads with a defect or issue of such a serious nature that it would cause the police or DVSA to issue an category 1 or 2 prohibition stopping the vehicle from being driven until the issue is fixed.

Diving deeper still in to the data 1.6% of HGV’s and 3.2% of Trailer prohibitions are for Running Gear, Road wheels and Hubs this equates to 4,800 HGV’s and 6,880 Trailers that have a serious enough wheel fault that should prevent the vehicle from being driven.

These figures are truly horrifying, given the seriousness of the issues and the potential for vehicle failure to cause damage, serious injury or even death.

We would suggest that more needs to be done to within operators fleet maintenance programmes to identify and correct serious vehicles issues outside of an operators regular maintenance schedule.

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Data is taken from the ‘statistical data set vehicle enforcement data’ for Great Britain 2015-2016 produced the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency.