Why Wheel Sentry was a perfect fit for Selco, providing a consistent and cost-effective solution to potential wheel detachment across their fleet

Consistent and Cost-Effective

As a consequence of delivering to a variety of locations and terrains, Selco found that they were constantly losing the standard Checkpoint indicators and required a more robust solution. Selco’s strong transport team identified 3 key issues with their existing Checkpoint wheel nut indicators:

  • Constantly losing the indicators due to variety of kerbside delivery locations
  • Did not provide any form of retention should the wheel nut loosen whilst driving
  • With the introduction of the hire fleet and small plant trailers with 5 studs, needed a consistent approach to their wheel security

Selco and Wheel Sentry

Selco wanted a cost-effective, simple to fit solution to give the levels of safety required, but also reduce the ongoing replacement costs with a system that was more robust and lasted longer.

ATE first demoed Wheel Sentry to Selco at the CV Show in April 2016, Wheel Sentry is now part of the standard vehicle specification for Selco and Guest Trucks fit from new. Some of the benefits they are experiencing through this solution include:

  • Durability of indicator and band
  • Reduction in replacements required
  • No loose wheel nuts experienced
  • Cost effective solution
  • Enabled consistency across the fleet including tractors, trailers and light commercial vehicles

A continual program of retro fitting is now underway for the rest of the existing vehicles within Selco’s fleet.


Client Testimonial

"After using the bog standard industry wheel nut indicators, and spending a fortune on replacements when they get knocked off or just fall off, we met the guys at ATE at the CV show and after the demonstration this seemed a no-brainer, so far we are fitting these to all our new fleet and so far not one has fallen off. Wheel Sentry® is definitely the way forward."

Darren Gentle, Transport & Plant Manager @ Selco Builders Warehouse

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