Why SSE Selected Wheel Sentry as the Effective and Consistent Solution to Potential Wheel Detachement Across Their Fleet

An Effective, Consistent Safety Feature Across the Fleet

SSE treats safety very seriously and recognised the potential issue of wheel detachment. With this in mind SSE took the approach that prevention was better than cure. As part of implementing daily driver checks, checking the wheel nuts was a key feature of this – finding a solution that enabled consistency in this area was the difficult part.

SSE and Wheel Sentry

ATE have held a long-standing relationship with the plant division of SSE and introduced Wheel Sentry as a solution to the trailers and towed equipment. This in turn led to the introduction of Wheel Sentry to the fleet team.

Key Wheel Sentry safety features such as the brightly coloured reflective indicators improve wheel nut visibility for cyclists. The added band holding the brightly coloured indicators in place clearly show the driver when the wheel nuts need to be tighten, giving the driver, company and fellow road users added safety. Wheel Sentry is also easy for fitters to remove and replace when changing wheels.

Wheel Sentry was supplied and trialled on a cross section of the fleet to ensure that the proposed benefits were realised. These included:

  • Unique two-in-one solution both indicates and retains loosened nuts
  • Makes wheel checks and maintenance easy
  • Could fit all known stud configurations up to 10 stud
  • Could effectively manage 5 stud configurations
  • No tools needed to install or replace

The Outcome

After an extensive trial period on the trailers and towed equipment, Wheel Sentry was specified and rolled out across the entire fleet of towed equipment, vans and HGVs. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Enabled drivers to do daily checks consistently and easily
  • Durability of indicator and band
  • No replacements required
  • No loose wheel nuts experienced
  • Cost effective solution
  • Enabled them to have consistency across the fleet


Client Testimonial

“Wheel safety is important to SSE. With a fleet of 5,000+ LCVs, HGVs and plant trailers that cover a huge number of miles, we know that wheel safety issues are inevitable. Wheel Sentry® was a bit of a revelation – it allowed us to fit one product in a standard way across our entire fleet. In addition, Wheel Sentry provided the extra security of retaining the wheel nut even if it had loosened, which the previous product we were using did not. We’re really happy with improvements to our safety processes that Wheel Sentry® provides SSE”

Gemma Trew, Fleet Manager Van & Truck

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