Why LondonWaste Selected Wheel Sentry to Bring a New Dimension to Their Fleet’s Wheel Nut Safety and Inspections

Ideal Safety Feature for London’s Busy Roads

Wheel nut security and visibility is a priority for any hauler and ‘Wheel Sentry’ is the safest wheel nut indicator in the world. Cyclists are becoming more prominent in the capital, and as the LondonWaste fleet travel along London’s busy roads they felt any additional safety feature for Wheel nut security and visibility was worth investing in.

LondonWaste and Wheel Sentry

Richard Fletcher, Senior Logistics Supervisor at LondonWaste Ltd, met Ross from ATE at the Commercial Vehicle Show in 2016. Following a demonstration and explanation of Wheel Sentry’s excellent safety features, Richard believed ‘Wheel Sentry’ would be an excellent additional safety feature for their fleet.

Key Wheel Sentry safety features such as the brightly coloured reflective indicators improve wheel nut visibility for cyclists. The added band holding the brightly coloured indicators in place clearly show the driver when the wheel nuts need to be tighten, giving the driver, company and fellow road users added safety. Wheel Sentry is also easy for fitters to remove and replace when changing wheels.

LondonWaste have fitted Wheel Sentry on all tyres in their fleet of HGVs. Just one of the ways they have improved the safety and care of their employees and other road users.

Client Testimonial

“When I first meet the guys at Wheel Sentry, I was surprised at how easily the product worked. It brought a new dimension to wheel nut safety and inspections, the indicators being held in place with the band provides an easy application after the wheels have been changed by our work shop, holding all indicators together. Along with the added bonus of when wheel nuts are checked on a daily bases it gives the drivers an indication of any movement with the band holding the nut in place and preventing the nut coming off. This is a great product for our business and in wheel safety.”

Richard SW Fletcher, Senior Logistics Supervisor, LondonWaste Ltd

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