Why Faccenda Foods Selected The Wheels Sentry Low Profile Loose Wheel Nut Indicator and Retainer

Faccenda Foods Loose Wheel Nut Problems

Due to the high mileage covered by Faccenda’s fleet, across a variety of terrain and very stringent cleaning procedures, Faccenda were regularly experiencing loose wheel nuts and were actively looking for a suitable solution to enhance their levels of safety.

Faccenda had previously tried various wheel nut indicator systems including the standard yellow wheel nut indicators and ‘Safetytrim’, wheel nut retainer but were not satisfied with the results.

Issues with existing wheel nut systems included:

  • Extortionate individual item costs for the ‘Safetytrim’ wheel nut retainer
  • An additional bespoke tool required to be purchased to fit and refit the trim. This had to be purchased not only for the company but also for all the service providers.
  • Service providers (tyre fitters) did not like the system and consequently were not refitting
  • If vehicle broke down out of area – service providers were unaware of product and would not refit it or often broke it when removing it from a wheel
  • The product was time consuming to fit and refit

Faccenda wanted a cost effective, simple to fit and use solution that provided both a loose nut indicator and wheel nut retaining system that their service providers would be happy to use.

Faccenda and Wheel Sentry

Faccenda first saw Wheel Sentry at the Commercial Vehicle Show 2015.  Initially the Head of Transport and Safety said “We have a system in place for this issue and would not be looking to review it at this point in time.”

They were using the  standard yellow indicators which were proving to be not up to the job and had trialled the Safetytrim, which though effective posed significant difficulties in terms of fitting and maintenance for them.

After an initial discussion the Wheel Sentry system was demonstrated to the Head of Transport and Safety Operations and the Transport Manager. Though they had some concerns about the durability and effectiveness of Wheel Sentry they saw the potential benefits of Wheel Sentry and a trial was arranged to establish if the Wheel Sentry System would work for them.

Wheel Sentry a Simple All-In-One Loose Wheel Nut Indicator and Wheel Nut Retaining Solution:

The Wheel Sentry Low Profile indicator and retainer system was supplied and trialled.  The low profile indicator was selected for the following reasons:

  • It was less vulnerable to being hit on side banks down narrow country roads and farm tracks
  • The wheel rims were not recessed so keeping a low profile was important

After an extensive trial period on the livehaul fleet through farm tracks, narrow country roads and cleaning three times a day, Wheel Sentry lived up to its specification and proved the following:

  • Durability of indicator and band lasting at least 2-3 times as long as the existing product
  • No replacements required
  • No loose wheel nuts experienced
  • Service providers were happy with the product and the ease of use and fitting
  • Cost effective solution – though costing more for the initial purchase using Wheel Sentry reduced the overall cost of use as fewer replacement indicators were required.
  • Enabled them to have consistency across the fleet including tractors, trailers and light commercial vehicles

As a result Faccenda have now rolled Wheel Sentry out across the fleet.

Client Testimonial

"The Wheel Sentry indicator and retainer system has provided a cost effective solution to the issues we have experienced, not to mention a healthy dose of “peace of mind”.  Since equipping our livehaul fleet we have not suffered a single incidence.  I would have no hesitation in recommending this product to other hauliers."

Andrew Hoods, Transport Manager

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